Drive excellence through continuous improvement

Turn what works into coaching content for interviewers and recruiters. Make way for self-driven self-paced improvement through your own contextual learning library.

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Upskill your team one conversation at a time to build a stellar hiring team


The first step to improvement is awareness

Everyone gets visibility on how they are doing and what needs improvement through insightful dashboards.

These dashboards not just unlock the insights from conversations but also from candidate feedback.

Also know how the user performs hiring related operations. Now get the team onboard with these objective and constructive insight.

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Easy into the second step of guidance through self paces learning plans

Use tech enabled real time, personalized and contextual training that is living, breathing and growing continuously.

Build your own training library from snippets of real well done interviews in your context.

Create learning paths, assign them, track progress and see the KPI numbers change.


Elevate the overall competence of your team with relevant insights and content like never before

Create a bigger pool of star interviewers - raise your hiring bar.

Bring your new hires up to speed to join the interviewer pool in no time.

Use interview insights to train recruiters to be stellar at screening candidates.

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