Stop losing top talent to competition

With tawgl's AI summarization, smart feedbacks and access to the candidates' complete journey, you are now all set to hire great talent a lot faster.

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Hire with certainty and speed

With tawgl, you finally have the power to align the hiring process as per the needs of the role. have complete real time visibility and objective data on candidate journey to make the right decision with confidence.

Guide the process closely

Replace vague and lengthy job descriptions with smart role playbooks to align the hiring team on the role. You can define the process and the objectives for each round of interview to ensure everyone is on the same page and focusing on the right things thus running a clear, consistent, no nonsense process.

Hire with speed

With a transparent process and continuous visibility on each round of every candidate, you can quicky spot candidates who do not seem to fit and spend time on those who are on the right track. Now with a sharply filtered pool and more data per round you are prepared to decide much faster on your choice.

Hire with precision

Make precise hires and steer clear of potential mistakes in the hiring process. Improve your hiring choices with a comprehensive evaluation report for each candidate. tawgl ensures fair and objective scoring, leading to accurate decision-making.

Convert your offers to hires by delivering great candidate experience

Deliver a high quality and equitable interview experience for candidates, leaving them genuinely enthusiastic about working with you and eager to accept your offer.

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Ready to unlock significantly superior hiring results?

tawgl creates day-in day-out value that sets everyone up for success

Here is how everyone involved benefits.

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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