Remove inefficiencies and make way for a transparent, objective process

Hiring mistakes come with a hefty price tag—costing not just in dollars, but in time, productivity and team morale. A solution that enables data driven accurate hiring decisions is the answer here.

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Replace guesswork, repetition and distractions with transparent, accurate hiring decisions

Deep high quality conversations

Forge profound, meaningful dialogues. Recruiters and hiring managers craft interview guides with tailored questions to unveil skills and evaluate candidates for that perfect match.

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Objective and comprehensive candidate scorecards

Craft objective, comprehensive candidate scorecards aligned with the hiring manager's priorities. No distractions-just clear, objective evaluations to enable precise decisions.

Compare candidates on attributes that matter

Streamline decision-making with candidate comparison feature. Prioritize essential attributes to swiftly identify and elevate the top candidate for a faster, sharper selection process.

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See how you can start building that stellar team with tawgl.

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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