Identify and drive strategic initiatives targeted in the right direction

tawgl's executive dashboards take away the mystery out of where the conversations could be going wrong. Now, you can not only drive targeted initiatives but also track early signs of success hence maximizing performance on your key metrics

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Drive accountability and optimise performance

Stay on top of things with analytics that bring process, candidate and team insights into a single view.

Hire great candidates at faster speed

Enable the business by hiring those key resources at great quality and higher speed. tawgl enables this by generating more data in fewer interactions making your decision making faster and accurate. Everyone involved saves time and minimizes errors.

Build your employer brand

tawgl enables you to drive great candidate experience through a well structured and consistent process. It also gives you candidate pulse real time so you know well in time if something is not going right.

Lead your team to hiring excellence

With intuitive dashboards tuned to the real team KPIs you can now lead your team to excellence in hiring.

Scale up your interviewing muscle

Identify patterns in your top interviewer behaviours and scale it to a larger group to unlock multifold value in your hiring efforts. Create a larger pool of interviewers that makes your process faster and prevents interviewer burnout.

Interview with AI Intelligence

Ready to get answers to all your burning questions related to hiring process and team performance?

tawgl creates day-in day-out value that sets everyone up for success

Here is how everyone involved benefits.

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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