Your AI secret to close more positions close them faster

Collaborate better with interviewers and hiring managers and close great candidates faster while offloading most of your repetitive tasks.

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Elevate your recruiting game to new heights

A technology that just shows up in your existing flow of work and reduces your action items while giving more data.

Engage with interviewers and hiring managers meaningfully

Use tawgl as your endless data repository, with easy access to all interactions and transforming them into searchable data and insights. Steer clear of mis-alignments in the team that otherwise lead to confusion and delays.

Spend less time on follow-ups and more on building a collaborative process

Packed with thoughtful features that take away the load of follow-ups and operations from the recruiters plate, tawgl saves up significant time to be spent on things that matter.

Be your most efficient version

Get a list of prioritized action items on a your dashboard and act on the most important to-do’s. Keep momentum with positions and see them getting closed faster.

Happier candidates, more closures

Deliver a high quality and equitable interview experience for candidates, leaving them genuinely enthusiastic about working with you and eager to accept your offer.

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Ready to unlock significantly superior hiring results?

Employ smart AI driven rigour to choose the right ones to invest in

tawgl creates day-in day-out value that sets everyone up for success

Here is how everyone involved benefits.

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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