Meet your trusty AI side kick

tawgl dramatically increases interviewing ease and effectiveness. It takes away all the operational hassle including note taking so that you as an interviewer can give your 100% attention to the candidate and truly listen. You gain confidence and skill with every interview you take.

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Elevate your interviewing game to new heights

Have great interview conversations, gain insights, and sharpen your skills with confidence, coaching, and the freedom to truly listen

Focus on the candidate

Ditch the notes, embrace connections! With us handling details, you'll listen better, engage authentically, and prioritize the candidate. Focus on quality interactions and elevate the interview experience.

Real time guidance

tawgl: Your Interview Sidekick. Stay on track with live prompts, time-stamped notes and real-time guidance. Effortlessly conduct structured interviews, ensuring a smooth process with instructions, sample questions and detailed notes.

Nudges to keep the interview structured

Stay on track with helpful nudges, ensuring structured interviews that cover all vital conversation aspects without you needing to remember or keep track. Our system guides you, making sure nothing important gets overlooked during the interview process.

AI features to make giving feedback a breeze

Like a true super assistant, tawgl will create AI summary as well as scorecard comments for the interview while keeping your reactions in mind. So now, feedback submission is a matter of seconds. And incase you want to refer back to anything in the interview, you have the interview recording and highlights.

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Embrace tech enabled interviews, the default way for interviews in the future

tawgl creates day-in day-out value that sets everyone up for success

Here is how everyone involved benefits.

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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