No ATS? No problem - Harness practical workflow management with ATS like features

tawgl doubles up as a complete recruitment solution capable to manage hiring workflows while offloading manual tasks, so hiring teams can spend more time on critical activities that lead to closures.

Streamline team workflows and data in one place

Centralize workflows and a user-friendly experience for recruiters and interviewers to align, collaborate and improve. Eliminate the need for multiple tools throughout the hiring process or get a sleek upgrade from the excel sheets.

Smart scheduling with pre-set templates

Faster and smarter scheduling where you simple select the basic information and the software seamlessly sets the context around the role, sends invites and updates everyone's dashboards.

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Comprehensive candidate records and comparison features

Comprehensive candidate records with consolidated interview journeys, promote speed and transparency. Advanced comparison features can be leveraged to not just make objective decision rooted in data but to also eliminate bias and ensure a fair process for your organization.

Simplified and smart communication and update management

In recruiting, the buck stops at the recruiter. With our smart automated communication tools and smart updates, the recruiters can save upto 40% of their time and double down on acing the hiring KPIs.

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a graphic of a job interview and interviews

Never before seen, actionable insights on process improvement opportunities

With ears to the ground and dashboards that are closely tuned to hiring KPIs, continuous improvement becomes the default mode for the team and for your process.

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Manage your process with tawgl's tech, effortlessly

Employ smart AI driven rigour to choose the right ones to invest in

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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