Human led, AI supported hiring

Build a process better than ever before with conversation insights like never before

Dramatically better results throughout the board


Hiring errors avoided

40% Improvement

Candidate to converts





25% Improvement

Candidate engagement scores

How would tawgl interview intelligence impact so many parameters?

Smart assistant to the interviewer

The smart assistant dramatically increases interviewer effectiveness by keeping the conversation structured and focused on the role related attributes. It takes away all the operational hassle so that the interviewer can give their 100% attention to what matters the most - Talking to the candidate.

Insightful reports

Minimize the need for more rounds by generating rich insightful data sets from fewer conversations. Make accurate decisions rooted in that data. Use insightful org level dashboards to identify good/ bad patterns in your process leading to continuous improvement.

Convert more of the best candidates

The three fold benefits of more data, fewer rounds and structured conversations lead to a multiplier effect on the end result:

Beat your competition to identifying the best.

Align and delight your candidates to convert offers to hires.

a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer

Best hiring decisions are made on the foundation of data and collaboration

Employ smart AI driven rigour to choose the right ones to invest in

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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