Ask right questions to pick the right hires

Deliver great interviews not by chance but by design every time.

Intelligent playbook builder

Keep the focus on skills and competencies relevant to the role

No more pauses, scratching the surface or making up questions on the fly. The trusty sidekick keeps the interviewer laser focused on the role by keeping the role attributes in sight and suggesting relevant questions and prompts.
Result - great interviews with minimal preparation.

Tackle bias - the most common interview error

With the focus on the role and consistent interviews, unconscious bias has little to no room in the conversation. This makes way for an equitable and fair process.

Evaluate consistently at scale, across geographies

With smart interview rooms and role playbooks, you can now deliver a hiring process that is consistent even at the interview level. Across geographies, the interviewers get the nudges on conversation structure and suggestions on right questions to ask so that you can evaluate candidates consistently at scale with minimal preparation.

a man sitting at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee

Human led tech enabled interviews are the future of hiring

Employ smart AI driven rigour to choose the right ones to invest in

Discover the power of interview intelligence

See how tawgl can help you make every hire, the right hire with unparallelled insights into your process

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