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What is Interview Intelligence?

What is Interview Intelligence?

March 23, 2023

By Team tawgl

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What is Interview Intelligence?

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Traditionally, hiring involves interviewing several candidates one after the other in multiple rounds. Retention of information, consistency, evidence gathering and recording therefore become a challenge. We would all agree that interviews often end up being unstructured and inconsistent in terms of questions asked, interview duration and evaluation parameters. Interviews being at the core of the hiring process, this is bad news for everyone involved in the long term. At the candidate's end, it leads to poor experience and eventual dropping off followed by a not so great review on glassdoor as well in many cases.

Interview Intelligence refers to a tool or software which transforms the process to a transparent and evidence-led one through means such as recording, transcribing, live cues, suggestions and post interview analytics. An interview intelligence platform aids recruiters and hiring managers in conducting consistent and well structured interviews. These interviews can be revisited as they are typically either recorded or transcribed.  This improves the hiring accuracy, candidate experience, reduces bias and screening time.

How does it benefit Organisations?

While the benefits vary from software to software, the following are some of the broad benefits that Interview Intelligence can provide to HR Professionals

  1. Improved Quality of Hire :  Interview Intelligence tools provide analysis of the interview at the end for the recruiter to better evaluate the candidate. Additionally, with the tool recording/transcribing the interview, the interviewer no longer needs to make exhaustive notes. This helps them  focus more on getting to know the candidate better. 

  1. Increased Efficiency :  Having a system which performs several redundant tasks and saves a lot of evaluation time. This improves the overall efficiency of the hiring process. It also  increases collaboration and ownership between hiring managers, TA team and interviewers as they can now collaborate over data on a single platform. Hiring is a team sport afterall!

  1. Revisiting the Interview : Recruiters do not miss on small nuances of the interview as they can always revisit it through the recording or the transcript. These nuances in many cases can be the deciding factor. 

  1. Consistency and Reduced Bias : Having a well structured process can help in ensuring consistency across factors. Some such factors are interview duration, questions and evaluation parameters. This helps in preventing unconscious biases from creeping in. 

  1. Better Candidate Experience : Since all aspects of the hiring processes are measured, over a period of time the candidates experience becomes better across touch points. The organisation understands what's working and what’s not due to the data provided and can take measures to improve. With interview intelligence, brand touch points like glassdoor also show improved scores and positive feedback.

  1. Transparency : Interview Intelligence tools record all information and can therefore be used by the senior members of the hiring team to ensure that the processes are being conducted in the best way possible. 
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Overall, using the right Interview Intelligence platform can go a long way in enabling the success of an organisation. It impacts one of biggest priorities - quality and speed of hiring. Companies which are looking to significantly enhance their hire quality, efficiency and equity can explore to know more.

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