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Improving Cost, Speed, and Quality of Hire with Interview Intelligence

Optimize hiring with interview intelligence

June 15, 2024

By Team tawgl

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Interviews often become unstructured and inconsistent in terms of questions, interview duration, and evaluation parameters. Also, recruitment professionals have a hard time getting to the root of the reasons for rejections since the quality of feedback is low.

Interviews are at the core of the hiring process and are responsible for more than 70% of the total cost. This is bad news for everyone involved in the long term. At the candidate's end, it leads to poor experience and eventual dropping off followed by a not-so-great review on Glassdoor/AmbitionBox as well in many cases.

What is Interview Intelligence?

Interview intelligence uses AI technology to enhance the hiring process. It involves recording and transcribing interviews, analyzing data, and providing insights that help recruiters make better decisions. Let’s explore how tawgl’s interview intelligence can reduce costs, speed up hiring, and improve the quality of your hires.

With tawgl, interviews become more data-driven, transparent, and accurate. This platform integrates seamlessly with your existing hiring tools like ATS and calendars, providing real-time interviewer guidance, capturing and analyzing interview conversations, and generating deep insights.

Optimize hiring with interview intelligence

Reducing Cost

Think about all the resources that go into a bad hire: wasted time interviewing, onboarding costs, and then the whole process of starting over. Interview intelligence helps you avoid these pitfalls by:

Increasing Hiring Speed

In today's competitive job market, time is of the essence. Interview intelligence can help you:

Improving Quality of Hire

At the end of the day, the goal is to find the perfect person for the job. Interview intelligence helps you do that by:

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Interview intelligence is revolutionizing the hiring process. By reducing costs, speeding up hiring, and improving the quality of hires, it provides a significant competitive advantage for businesses. If you want to save money, hire faster, and find the best talent, consider integrating interview intelligence into your recruitment strategy today.

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