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How Interview Intelligence Improves Candidate Experience

How does Interview Intelligence help improve Candidate Experience?

March 23, 2023

By Team tawgl

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How does interview intelligence help improve candidate experience?

Most companies have an 80% drop-off rate during their application process. - Glassdoor

Poor candidate experience is one the top few reasons for candidates dropping out of a process. As per Career Builder, Nearly 4 in 5 candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. A  positive candidate experience during the hiring process, increased the likelihood of accepting a job offer and recommending the company to others. Conversely, a negative candidate experience, results in dropping out of the process or leaving negative reviews about the company. This can harm the company's reputation making it difficult to attract top talent in the future.

In the above context, Interview Intelligence refers to a platform which transforms the process to a transparent and evidence-led one through means such as recording, transcribing, live cues, suggestions and post interview analytics. Using an Interview Intelligence tool is great for candidate experience! 

Here are some ways in which Interview Intelligence can improve candidate experience and reduce drop offs! 

  1. More focus on the candidate - As Interview Intelligence records or transcribes the interview, the interviewer no longer has to take extensive notes throughout the interview. Having all the necessary tools and info in one place reduces the need to switch between things during an interview. All these things help the interviewer focus more on the candidate. This makes the candidates feel valued as the see that the company really wants know about them. 

  1. On Time Interviews - As per Abdalslam, 40% of candidates express frustration with interview rescheduling and consider it to be a major inconvenience. With Interview Intelligence providing a structured and systematic way to conduct interviews, through live notifications interviews are more likely to start and end at the scheduled time. This reduces the number of reschedulings are makes the candidates feel like their time is respected. 

  1. Better Evaluation  - With features such as live cues and suggestions,  post interview analysis and recorded interviews, candidates are evaluated in a consistent and in- depth manner. This enhances the candidate experience as the interviewer in now able to focus on the nuances of their candidature. 

  1. Shorter Hiring Process  - As per Glassdoor, The average length of the job interview process in the United States is 23.8 days. A hiring process typically involves several rounds of interviews and this in turn leads to the process taking several days. With interview intelligence providing a better way to evaluate candidates, hiring managers can derive a significantly larger number of insights from an interview. This therefore enables them to cut down on the duration of each interview and also the overall length of the process.

  1. Reduced Bias - Interview Intelligence tools ensure consitency across the process in terms of questions asked, time dedicated and evaliatuon parameters. This helps in reducing the unconscious bias from the interviewer’s end. Additionally, having a completely transparent system with the senior team members overlooking the interview process further helps reducing bias. This goes a long way in ensuring diversity among the recruits. 

Overall, Interview Intelligence helps in providing a better candidate experience in several ways and therefore inturn aids in building a strong employer brand. Companies, especially those with higher drop off rates must therefore explore the option incorporating an interview intelligence in their hiring process.

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