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Debriefing with Interviewers

What is the best way to do a debriefing with all interviewers?

May 20, 2023

By Team tawgl

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A very critical step to achieve this is a debriefing meeting. A well-managed objective post-interview debrief meeting makes all the difference between a great or a wrong hire. So how does one hit the ball out of the park?

Why is an interview debriefing important?

You have finished all the interviews and now have your top 2-3 choices. This is when you get all the team members together for a debrief - get those discussions flowing and build a consensus. Hopefully, after this, you make an offer to one of the candidates. Simply put, the aim of the debrief is to converge and analyze all viewpoints and make a decision. But why do a debrief for it? You have all the feedback, just review it and go ahead

Here is why. The importance of a hiring debrief meeting lies in its ability to:

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The foundation of a good debriefing meeting

The foundation of a successful interview debrief meeting lies in your interview process and the groundwork is done before the meeting. Here are some tips to ensure a good conclusive debrief meeting:

Running the debriefing meeting

They are typically led by hiring managers with help from the recruiter.

Handling the grey scenarios - split vote or lack of consensus 

Ideally, you would expect to arrive at a decision and even communicate it in the meeting itself in most cases.  However, if you are often having inconclusive meetings, then your interview process has gaps as it is not throw up enough data for decision-making. Relook at your process then. Interview intelligence can be a game changer here for a process that enables structure, and ease and generates a goldmine of data and evidence so you can make those hiring decisions faster and better than ever. 

So what is the best approach when you are unable to conclusively decide on a candidate? Here are a few things to consider:

So either way, debrief meetings done well are a good winning formula in hiring.

Do debriefs to harness the collective wisdom of your team, mitigate bias, and make well-informed decisions that lead to the selection of the best-fit candidates. Teams that play in sync and keep fine-tuning with each other win more!

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